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HR Directors' Club

The HR Directors' Club exists to provide business inspiration, networking opportunities and quality information to the UK's most senior HR executives.

The web site was developed for Reed Business Information's (RBI) Personnel Today, and is designed to compliment the activities of the club. Information about upcoming events can be viewed in the on-line event diary, and members can even register for events with a simple mouse click or two. A members' directory, notice board and post-event attendee lists enhance the networking experience for all the club's members.

The entire web application is database driven. In order for RBI's staff to manage the site, a separate web-based administration application was developed. This administration application allows the staff at Personnel Today to perform advanced searches, download mailing lists, view statistics and manage the site in general.

The technical bit

This application runs on a load-balanced pair of Windows 2000 servers running Microsoft Internet Information Services. The database is replicated across two Microsoft SQL Sever 2000 servers. This means that the public part of the application can run off one server, while all the administration and analysis is carried out on the other. This approach ensures that any high loads produced by data analysis or administrative tasks do not impede the web site's performance.

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"Gyre has a clear understanding of how to develop an easy-to-use website, which has been carefully thought out to provide sophisticated functionality. Feedback from members and administrators has been very positive."

Caroline Berry, Marketing Executive,
Glen Kieran, Projects Manager,
Reed Business Information

Screen shots of the HR Director's Club web site

The HR Directors' Club was produced for the UK's leading human resources journal Personnel Today, published by Reed Business Information.

The web site features several tools designed to aid networking among its members.


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