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Announcements is an mp3 music download web site. It is still in a testing phase, but the framework of the site is now ready.

TriSportNews is a new UK based online magazine for triathletes, duathletes and mutisport enthusiasts. It's main content is triathlon news and reviews. The site uses a purpose-built content management system (CMS), and incorporates the Gyre News Feed Generator for XML-based content syndication.

Not all web sites have to be interactive and whizzy. Barnfield Homes needed a simple "starter" web site to give them an online presence. This site is quick, clean, and informative.

BritBlog is a directory of British Blogs, and it uses a sophisticated hierarchical directory application to organise user-submitted web sites.

Gyre is giving away licences for its lens calculator, enabling web sites to use it for free. Terms and conditions apply.

Harding Autos is a local family-run business. This was another makeover project, improving both the look and the functionality of their existing web site.

After winning several prestigious restaurant awards, the owners of this restaurant in Hackney approached Gyre and asked us to apply a makeover to their existing web site. This we did, along with improving their search-engine compatibility and improving their hosting and email facilities (through a third party).

4 February 2004: Lens Calculator Pro Version 1.2 released
This release improves some of the features of this popular tool.

5 January 2004: Lens Calculator Pro Version 1.1 released
This is an update to version 1.0, and adds a field of view calculation to the feature list.

3 November 2003: Lens Calculator Pro Version 1.0 released
A graphical lens calculator built with Macromedia Flash. This tool, which can be linked to your product database, displays the angle of view of a lens, given the size of the sensor that it is being used with.

18 June 2003: The HR Directors' Club is launched
Another site produced for Reed Business Information, the HR Directors Club exists to provide business inspiration, networking opportunities and quality information to the UK's most senior HR executives. The site features a range of on-line tools designed to enable the members to network with each other.

10 February 2003: Syndicate your news with the Gyre News Feed Generator
The Gyre News Feed Generator was today deployed on the web site. The news feed generator creates multi-format news feeds from Personnel Today's latest headlines. These feeds are then fed to news agencies and portals across the web that, in turn, drive traffic back to Early reports are suggesting good results.

15 October 2002: is launched
Produced for the HR publication Personnel Today (published by Reed Business Information), is a recruitment site for Interim Manager jobs in the HR sector.

22 January 2001: Wilson's School Alumni Directory is launched
The Wilson's alumni site was built using Gyre's latest product: justalumni. justalumni is one of the most flexible solutions available for managing your alumni via the web. The new software makes this task a breeze, while integration with your existing IT infrastructure means a simple setup and deployment.

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