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InterimHRToday is a recruitment site with a twist. Launched on 15 October 2002, it takes a whole new approach to matching people with jobs.

Specialising in Interim Management jobs in the HR sector, the site is attracting a large amount of interest from recruitment agencies and direct clients alike.

Most recruitment sites have a database of jobs, and this allows candidates to search for the job they want. InterimHRToday works in the reverse: candidates build a comprehensive on-line CV, and recruiters search this CV database for the candidate they are looking for.

The application allows recruiters to carry out a complex search in order to find highly suitable candidates. A broad range of search criteria may be specified, allowing the recruiter to quickly locate candidates with all the required skills. They may then view all non-identifiable information about a candidate, and evaluate the candidate's suitability for a particular role. To access a candidate's full contact details, full on-line CV, and MS Word CV, the recruiter must spend a "credit", paid for in advance.

The application isn't just for recruiters though. Candidates have the option of joining the online network, which includes a range of networking facilities and a member's "Questions & Answers" board. Using these features, candidates can communicate with each other, ask questions on issues they are unsure about, and help each other by providing answers to these questions.

The advanced administration section of the application enables the staff at PersonnelToday to review and edit all candidate details, approve and suspend accounts, search for candidates, generate filtered mailing lists, and view a range of real-time statistics about the site - to name just a few features!

Other recruitment sites

Gyre's staff have worked on several other recruitment sites for Reed Business Information publications including Personnel Today Jobs, Travel Weekly Jobs, Electronics Weekly, Construction Jobs UK (for Contract Journal), and Optician Jobs.

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"It is great to work with a team who understand your every need. Mark was quick to help, efficient and patient. His commitment to complete the project was extremely appreciated."

Justine Jones
Online Sales Manager
Reed Business Information

Screen shots of

Screen shots of, which was produced for the leading human resources journal and Reed Business Information publication, PersonnelToday.

Team work

The majority of this application was produced by Gyre. However, some components were developed internally by Reed Business Information (RBI), publishers of PersonnelToday. RBI's "Creative" department designed the visual elements of the site, and integration with existing PersonnelToday content was done by RBI's IS department. The remainder of the site, including the candidate, recruiter and administrative sections were produced by Gyre.

The technical bit

The site is run on load-balanced MS Windows 2000 Web Servers and a SQL Server 2000 database server. For ease of maintenance internally by RBI, the site is written mainly in ASP/VBScript and Transact-SQL, with a sprinkling of client-side JavaScript.


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