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31 January 2005: launched - a new mp3 download web site

Wednesday, 19 June 2024

6 October 2004 launched.
13 May 2004
The British Bloggers Directory ( launched.
27 April 2004
Harding Autos launched
15 April 2004
Armadillo Restaurant launched
4 February 2004
Lens Calculator 1.2 released
3 November 2003
Lens Calculator 1.0 released
18 June 2003
HR Directors Club launched
3 May 2003
"How to share a broadband connection" guide published
10 February 2003
Syndicate your news with the Gyre News Feed Generator
15 October 2002
Interim HR Today site launched

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Your Partner in Web Technology

At Gyre we take pride in our ability to keep our clients ahead of their competition through the application of innovative Internet technologies. Using the most secure and reliable techniques available, and by working closely alongside you, we are confident that we can provide you with solutions that you will be well satisfied with.

Gyre Technology is essentially a web design agency. However, we differ from most other web design houses because our main area of expertise is in software development. We build leading-edge web applications: web sites that do something dynamic or interactive.

Based in Sutton, Surrey (UK), we are especially well placed to offer web services to the South East of England, which includes towns such as Kingston, Epsom, Guildford, Dorking and London, or the counties Surrey, Kent, Sussex, Berkshire and Greater London.

Competitive Advantage

Competitive advantage is hard to achieve, even harder to maintain. Delivering a quality service at a competitive price is your raison d'être, but how can you distinguish yourself from the competition?

Rapid developments in the global communications infrastructure are reshaping our lives. Technologies such as mobile telephony and internet access are pervasive in our society. The internet in particular is having an enormous impact on the way people communicate, and the way soft products, services and information are bought and sold. As a professional, you were trained in the technicalities of your own particular business, not in electronic or information sciences; how are you supposed to compete against other businesses with staff dedicated to spotting and adopting new technologies to win new business?

Web Solutions

Gyre Technology is here for you! Everyone has different needs, and you will be no exception. The members of our web services team are professional and intelligent individuals. They possess a wide range of skills and experience between them - not just in the areas of web development and web design. By getting to know what makes you tick, and by keeping up to date with the latest technologies, Gyre will bridge the gap between you and technology.

We have recently introduced a new website monitoring service!

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