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Website Monitoring

Website monitoring is critical to today's modern online business. Correctly monitoring your website will allow you to identify performance problems as they arise, quickly pin-point the cause and then correct the issues so that your customers get the experience on your website they deserve.

By monitoring and testing your entire online infrastructure through a mixture of both individual page and transaction testing, you can be notified by email or SMS as soon as any part of web application starts to under-perform or fail. Regular monitoring can identify a range of problems from infrastructure issues through to application failures.

Independent, reliable and real-time information about the technical performance of your website is achieved by carrying out end-to-end checks of your website at regular intervals throughout the day - 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Using externally hosted monitoring servers (i.e. outside your firewall) that perform tests across multiple tier 1 networks is the only way that this level of monitoring detail can be collected. And because measurements are made from outside your firewall you also get a true feel of how your customers experience your website too.

So how do you use this information?

As you can imagine, this level of website monitoring collects a huge volume of detail. How can you be expected to understand all this information? Graphical online reports make it easy to spot trends and identify issues. The underlying data should not be hidden from view though - drilling down to individual test results is essential if you want to get the most from this kind of service.

It's not just about being alerted to errors though - understanding the results can help you allocate resources efficiently, focus on aspects of your online presence that cause the most issues, and help you plan for the future.

So should you be monitoring your website? We think so! If you need to know about the performance and availability of your website, and like the idea of receiving instant alerts when your site fails then contact us today.

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