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Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

Internet mapping and Geographical Information Systems: We have a special interest in GIS and related geospatial and geographical applications - especially those that combine the technologies Java, XML (or the Geographical Mark-up Language - GML) and the Internet.

Internet Mapping

A map on your web site is no longer just for people trying to locate your head office. From estate agents providing an advanced house-location service, to recruitment agencies looking to present their vacancies in a more intuitive manner, Internet mapping is a great way to present spatial information to your customers.

Client-side Technologies (e.g. Java)

Client-based technologies like Java mean you can now present real time spatially referenced data to your customers in an interactive way. Your customers can now zoom in, zoom out, pan around, and query "map objects" held in your database - all in real time! Because the information presented is usually vector based, maps are always of a very high quality when viewed at any scale.

Server-side Technologies

Vector client-based mapping applications are great, but they are not always the best solution. Sometimes it is more useful to dynamically generate raster (e.g. GIF or JPEG) maps on your web server (or map server) - especially if they are generated from large amounts of data.

Academic Interest

Whatever your needs, we would be keen to get involved in your mapping project. Our interest is academic as well as commercial. (We are currently developing an Open Source (i.e. Free) package of Java classes specifically for use in GIS applications. These will be available for download shortly.) So if you would like to discuss your ideas with us, or if you want to find out more, please contact us now!

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